Brian Gallant's Liberals enjoy comfortable lead, new poll suggests

Brian Gallant's Liberals enjoy comfortable lead, new poll suggests

About half of decided voters support the New Brunswick Liberals, and the party still holds a considerable lead over the Progressive Conservatives, a new poll suggests.

Fifty-one per cent of voters surveyed said they supported the Liberals under Brian Gallant, barely a dip from the 53 per cent who supported the party in November 2016.

The Progressive Conservatives came next, at 30 per cent, which is where they stood after the November poll as well.

The only party whose support seems to have changed since the last poll is the NDP, which had the support of 12 per cent of people polled, up from seven per cent last time

NDP pleased

"This is very encouraging and confirms what we already know — that there is a real hunger among New Brunswickers for change," Rosaire L'Italien, the interim NDP leader, said in a news release.

"We are currently rebuilding and while it is still early, we have seen a big increase in people signing up and getting involved."

Green Party support declined to five per cent from nine per cent, while two percent of voters backed the People's Alliance of New Brunswick, the same as last time.

Thirty-one percent of those polled were undecided, compared with 34 per cent in November. Four per cent did not show a preference.

Corporate Research Associates conducted the telephone survey from Feb. 7 to March 1, using a sample of 807 adult New Brunswickers.

- Brian Gallant's Liberals still hold lead in support, CRA poll shows 

Satisfaction with government

Fifty-five per cent of voters surveyed reported feeling satisfied with the performance of the provincial government, the same as three months ago

About 36 per cent said they were dissatisfied, compared to  34 per cent last time.

Things were closer at the party leader level. Support for Premier Gallant was at 35 per cent among voters polled, compared with 36 per cent in November. Support for PC Leader Blaine Higgs was also barely changed, at 22 per cent, compared to 21 per cent three months ago.

Eight per cent of those polled favoured Green Party Leader David Coon, and another eight per cent favoured L'Italien, of the NDP. Dominic Cardy, the former leader, was at six per cent in November.

Kris Austin of the People's Alliance of New Brunswick was preferred by four per cent of people polled. Twenty per cent of people polled had no opinion 

The results, part of the CRA Atlantic Quarterly, are accurate within plus or minus 3.4 per cent, 95 times out of a hundred, the polling company said.