Bride-to-be asks Facebook trolls to roast her wedding dress: ‘I don’t need validation’

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A bride-to-be posted her wedding dress in a “wedding shaming” Facebook group — just to see how people would judge it.

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TikToker @rnicolez bought her dream wedding dress. She wanted to gauge how her guests would respond to it, so she posted it in a wedding forum to get outside opinions. The point of the forum is to mock wedding dresses, and it does not allow compliments. So naturally, the people on the forum tore her dress to shreds.

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People accused her dress of being too nude, too lacy, too ugly and implied that it was even too sexy. The body-hugging dress was a long lacy number with a train that draped a few feet on the floor. It was part sheer but lined with fabric underneath and had tons of floral lace details. Definitely a show-stopper that breaks with tradition.

A person told her, “So you want to give your grandma, your mom, God and your fiance an image of what you look like nude?”

To which the bride-to-be said all of those people have already seen her nude at some point in her life, so she didn’t mind.

“Yes, it does give a nude illusion, but you can obviously tell I’m not naked,” she said.

The negative comments just affirmed to her how much she loved her dress.

“I still love my dress. I still know that that’s the dress,” she said. “I’m not going to regret buying it because of some strangers on Facebook. I don’t need validation from anyone else because I know I love it.”

People loved the wedding dress and were baffled by all of the hate.

“The way my jaw DROPPED! Who the hell could roast this?! It’s incredible!” someone wrote.

“This is not nearly as bad as the comments made it seem,” another commented.

“I’m sorry, but that dress is stunning. I’m so confused by the reactions,” a person said.

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