Bridgewater Honda dealership catches fire

Heavy smoke poured out of the Honda dealership on Dufferin Street in Bridgewater, N.S., as firefighters worked to get a fire there under control Monday morning. 

Fire departments from Bridgewater, Hebbville and Northfield all responded to the blaze, which appears to have started just before 10 a.m., according to an official with the town, Patrick Hirtle.

One witness near the scene said it appears the dealership has been evacuated.

Tina Falkenham is a volunteer firefighter with the Hebbs Cross department, but it hasn't yet been called in to help so she's on the sidelines watching her fellow firefighters work.

"Their main concern right now is that there is a body shop in the Honda dealership as well, so you have to be concerned about the chemicals and all that in body shop, so there's no explosion," she said. 

Traffic rerouted

Dufferin Street between High Street and Jubliee Road has been closed — and traffic is being detoured, said Bridgewater police.    

Falkenham said two firefighters were standing on top of the building trying to determine exactly where all the flames and smoke were coming from.

She can't tell how badly damaged the building is. She estimates that fire crews will be dealing with the fire for at least another couple of hours. 

CBC News has reached out to the Bridgewater Fire Department for comment but so far has not received a response.