Brighton council to receive report, recommendations about shoreline flooding

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A legal report and recommendations about shoreline flooding in Brighton will be before council in April.

With Lake Ontario reaching unprecedented levels in 2017 and 2019 that caused flooding and erosion along local shores and wetlands, Brighton retained the law firm of Baker McKenzie to determine the viability of the municipality pursuing a civil claim for losses relating to Lake Ontario shoreline flooding.

Brighton’s legal counsel provided a full report, including various recommendations to council in the fall of 2020. An updated report and recommendations will be considered by council in April.

“Council remains committed to working with our federal partners to seek relief for Lake Ontario shoreline flooding,” said Brighton Mayor Brian Ostrander.

“We look forward to receiving further advice on this matter and we will continue to advocate for a better lake level management plan that protects the shores of our community,” he added.

In January 2020, the mayor and council hosted an educational event regarding Lake Ontario water levels, water management policy and emergency flood preparedness. The event featured formal presentations from invited speakers, as well as an open forum for the public to ask questions and speak about their experiences.

Earlier, in December 2019, Brighton adopted a new service level policy related to municipal response to shoreline flooding, details of which are outlined in the High-Water Event Service Guide.

The Lower Trent Conservation Authority commissioned the completion of the Lake Ontario Shoreline Management Plan. This plan identifies the flood-prone properties along the shoreline of Brighton.

Natalie Hamilton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Northumberland News