Brighton may explore more rent-geared-to-income housing options

·1 min read

A Brighton councillor is hopeful the municipality will explore options for more rent-geared-to-income (RGI) housing units for residents.

​At a recent council meeting, Coun. Mark Bateman introduced a notice of motion recommending council ask staff to prepare a report detailing potential new land acquisition locations and current existing structures that could possibly be converted into additional RGI spaces in Brighton. If the motion is passed at a future meeting, the report would be prepared and then opened for discussion and consideration by council.

​Currently, residents who have low to moderate income can apply for one of two RGI units in Brighton. Both locations are at capacity and have about six-year long waiting lists.

​Bateman’s notice of motion highlighted “the current and growing need for additional RGIs to significantly reduce the wait time and accommodate future needs."

Natalie Hamilton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Northumberland News