Britain to provide Ukraine with laser-guided Paveway IV bombs for first time – The Telegraph

British Paveway IV bomb on a Tornado GR4 aircraft
British Paveway IV bomb on a Tornado GR4 aircraft

The United Kingdom will include laser-guided Paveway IV bombs in its next military aid package to Ukraine, The Telegraph reported on April 24.

This may be the first time London has provided such bombs to Kyiv.

BBC journalist Jonathan Beale also said on X that the next batch of military aid to Kyiv will include Paveway IV bombs.

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These bombs carry a 500-pound high explosive warhead and use GPS and laser guidance to achieve a high level of accuracy.

They can be mounted on F-16 fighters or on Soviet aircraft, The Telegraph writes.

The Royal Air Force first used the Paveway IV in Afghanistan. In addition to the United Kingdom, Paveway IV is used by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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After a phone conversation with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on April 23 that Britain has announced the largest-ever aid package to Ukraine, worth more than 500 million pounds ($600 million).

The package will include Storm Shadow and other types of missiles, hundreds of armored vehicles and boats, and ammunition.

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