British Columbia Family Evacuated From Floods Leaves Note Offering Home as Shelter for People in Need

A family forced to evacuate from their farm due to flooding in Canada’s British Columbia, left a note on their door welcoming anyone in need to use their home for shelter.

Helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen flew to flood-ravaged Nicola Valley alongside Highway 8 in British Columbia on November 19.

He filmed a video that shows a yellow note, taped to a door, that says people in need could take shelter in the home.

“Greetings, if you are here in need of shelter, please make yourself at home. Love it, respect it as we have,” the note said.

Owners of the farm were forced to evacuate from the area due to the weather conditions. They’ve started a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of flood damage. Credit: Bradley Friesen via Storyful

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