Brockton to celebrate Canada Day with real fireworks

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BROCKTON – There will be fireworks in Brockton on Canada Day.

A report prepared by the parks and recreation department stated staff have been investigating the possibility of a live fireworks presentation in addition to the municipality’s traditional Canada Day events. As stated in the report, “Residents of the community are looking for reasons to celebrate after two long years of COVID-19 and we wish to offer positive opportunities to come together.”

The list of planned events includes live musical entertainment, a community barbecue and fun-filled family activities in partnership with the Rotary Club of Walkerton.

“It will be wonderful to have fireworks,” said Coun. Steve Adams.

Council approves EV charger funding opportunity

Council looked at several possibilities for replacing the decommissioned electric vehicle charging station in Walkerton, and decided an option that would see a level two charger installed through the EPCOR funding program.

This would provide 50 per cent funding. Cost of the unit would be $10-$14,000.

A level two charger takes about seven hours to fully charge an electric vehicle – about 35 kilometres per hour of charging, depending on weather.

There were questions about the possibility of a faster charger. According to the staff report, a level three charger could provide an 80 per cent charge in about 45 minutes – 250 kilometres per hour of charging – but it would cost $55-$65,000 or more, and would require reconfiguration of the pole’s wiring, and discussions with the electricity provider.

The current, non-functioning charger is ideally located for both residents and tourists, allowing people to visit downtown shops and enjoy a meal. Those utilizing the charger did so free of charge, but staff are recommending a modest fee to offset the cost of electricity being used – $1 per hour or $2.50 per charge. Council approved the recommendation.

Draft encampment bylaw reviewed

Council reviewed a draft bylaw that would address the issue of encampments and camping in unregulated areas in Brockton, a matter that has been drawing considerable attention in recent years in other communities.

The report prepared by Dieter Weltz, building and planning manager, stated the purpose of the bylaw is to protect health and safety. Camping in unsafe conditions as temporary accommodation can pose risks.

The draft bylaw addresses encampments and camping on both public and private land. Brockton’s comprehensive zoning bylaw generally restricts camping except where it’s a permitted use.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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