Brockton council gets update on servicing for second phase of East Ridge Business Park

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BROCKTON – Frank Vanderloo from B.M. Ross did a presentation to council on proposed servicing for the second phase of the East Ridge Business Park.

Sale of all the lots in phase one has been completed or is pending, and staff continue to receive inquiries about available industrial land.

Vanderloo’s presentation at the March 9 meeting included an overview of what had been decided a year-and-a-half ago, and what’s changed.

The area under discussion surrounds the Walkerton Soccer Fields to the north and west of the present business park development – extensions of Ontario and East Ridge roads. Vanderloo divided the development into phases, and described the scope and costs for each.

In general, what’s changed includes proposed townhouses along an extension of Cunningham Road to the north. Lots in two-acre parcels were numbered for convenience, with lot one off East Ridge Road sold – servicing will be from East Ridge Road – and lot 22 located immediately south and west of the soccer fields being considered for residential use instead of light industrial.

Vanderloo noted a lot of things in the design remain “fluid” and spoke of phasing in general terms, with the first phase of about 12.2 acres involving the area to the east of the soccer fields as well as the stormwater management pond. Phase two could be further divided to include various parts of the townhouse development to the north of what’s referred to as Road A. Phase three incorporates the area west of the soccer fields and south of the stormwater management pond.

The light industrial areas will have ditches, while residential areas will be served by storm sewers and curbs gutters.

The stormwater management pond is about deeper than originally planned. A “wet” pond, it will have about two metres of water in it, and an additional two metres in a storm.

There was concern about protecting residents, and Vanderloo acknowledged fencing will be involved in the area of the townhouses, although a barrier in other areas could be provided through vegetation.

The water will enter the Saugeen River through a tributary.

Part of the area will be served by low pressure sanitary sewers with each property requiring a grinder pump. CAO Sonya Watson noted the need for grinder pumps would be included in any offers.

Also discussed were utilities – electrical, natural gas (Enbridge), street lighting and communications.

Vanderloo said the soccer park will be affected. The plan right now is to leave the temporary parking area where it is, on the east side, moving it to the west side to municipal lands when the development reaches phase three.

Total estimated cost is $6,376,300 – a substantial increase from two years ago. Vanderloo explained part of the reason is the scope of the project – the pond needs to be deeper because of the townhouses – and the fact it’s two years later.

He noted this is “going to be a busy year for contractors” with a lot of development happening. A realistic estimate of when construction could begin would be August.

Coun. Kym Hutcheon asked what happens if the planned residential subdivision doesn’t happen.

Vanderloo said the existing sewer on Cunningham Road would be extended.

Coun. Steve Adams commented on the hefty price tag, noting, “This is very appropriate spending. This is about Walkerton’s future, Brockton’s future.” It’s also about jobs and much more.

Mayor Chris Peabody raised the issue of part of the area to the north (phase two) being served by Ontario Hydro, and was told there’s some discussion going on to see if that section could be given to Westario.

He commented, “It’s very exciting for the municipality. It’s good to be moving ahead.”

In a later report, Watson asked for and received approval for the updated phasing plan to issue a tender for Road D and the stormwater management pond, with funding by a floating rate capital loan through Infrastructure Ontario.

She noted in her report that there are a number of factors that make the expansion described in Vanderloo’s presentation somewhat complicated, among them Barry’s Subdivision, the reserved land for the hospice, future plans for the soccer fields and reserved lands for the municipal complex.

Staff are working with B.M. Ross to release the first construction tender of the next phase. Estimated cost is almost $2 million.

An application for a FedDev grant was unsuccessful, but the municipality is actively seeking other grant opportunities.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times