Brockton council supports Legion Remembrance Day banner initiative

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BROCKTON – Council gave its support to an initiative that would see Remembrance Day banners displayed in downtown Walkerton.

The banner initiative proposed by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 102, Walkerton, would commemorate local veterans.

Similar banners are displayed in a number of nearby communities, including Hanover, Howick and Minto. Banners will include the Legion emblem and Municipality of Brockton, along with a photo and the name of a local veteran. They will be sponsored by families of veterans, with the Legion overseeing the production of each banner created. The banners will be stored at the Legion hall when not in use.

The Remembrance Day banners would replace current banners beginning in downtown Walkerton, from mid-October to November, calling attention to this aspect of our culture and heritage.

Rick Clayfield, Branch 102 past president, said news of the initiative has only been out a couple of days, and calls are pouring in. He’s already got one banner on order.

“It’s long overdue,” he said, evidenced by the response he’s been getting.

The banners will be red in colour, similar to those in Howick Township. Hanover’s are red and blue.

The only requirement for honouring a veteran is that he or she must be from within the Brockton area.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a banner (at a cost of $200) should contact Clayfield at 519-367-3601, or email

Paulette Peirol, community development officer, said in her report that the local contractor, Hawkins Electrical Contracting Ltd., that puts up banners and Christmas lights in town each year, offered to install the Legion banners free of charge, as a donation to the community.

Coun. Kym Hutcheon said, “I wholeheartedly support this,” and suggested Hawkins Electric be provided with a charitable donation receipt.

“It’s a great opportunity to support the Legion,” said Coun. Steve Adams. “I support this 110 per cent … and would love to get involved in this program. It’s a great initiative for Brockton and the Walkerton Legion.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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