Brockton to discuss parking issues at child care centre with BGCDSB

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BROCKTON – The municipality has passed a resolution directing staff to engage in formal discussion with the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board, to resolve concerns relating to parking and traffic movement in the parking lot at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School.

Coun. Tim Elphick had provided a notice of motion during the June 21 meeting regarding parking for the Brockton Child Care Centre.

“We did conduct a survey,” he said, which indicated the traffic flow was unsafe, and said the situation “will become more challenging” as the centre reaches capacity.

There was discussion about the size of the parking spots being part of the problem, and the fact the parking lot is very busy.

Mayor Chris Peabody said, “It’s dangerous for all the students at the school … we need to get our trustee in on this.”

Elphick noted that the original design for the parking lot was a good one, but it was revised and the resulting “abbreviated” version is now causing challenges.

Riversdale land donation ‘a great solution’

The Riversdale Bridge has been closed to traffic since May 2020.

In May 2022, council accepted a tender to reconstruct the bridge. The existing structure is a single lane. The new bridge will be two lanes. Construction is set to begin this summer.

The difference in size means additional land is required, and the property owner to the north of the structure agreed to donate the land required in exchange for the bridge being named the Kempel Heritage Farm Bridge.

It’s now known only as Bridge 0002.

GM Blue Plan and Lobby Builders have agreed to purchase and donate the plaque for this bridge.

The details of the land transfer are being finalized.

“I think it’s a great solution,” said Coun. Kym Hutcheon. She commended John Strader, roads supervisor, for the work he’d done on this.

Council hears Market Garden project tender results

Results of the tendering process for the Market Garden project weren’t what council wanted to hear. Of the 12 local and regional landscape contractors advised of the opportunity, three downloaded the project plan and one attended a site meeting. A single qualified bid was received, which was significantly over budget.

The initial operating budget for the project is about $243,000; the municipality has secured about $236,000 in funding to date.

Staff and Sean Kelly Associates are reviewing the matter and will bring a report to council Aug. 9, with a recommendation.

The matter did raise some questions about Brockton’s tendering process.

Coun. Steve Adams said, “Our tendering documents are very long … and filled with ‘legalese’ … I hope they’re not so onerous that we aren’t getting as many tenders as we should.”

Mayor Chris Peabody commented, “We do need to look into our procurement bylaw.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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