Brockton mayor concerned about impact of provincial vaccination passport policy on young hockey players

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BROCKTON – Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody was on hand in Goderich on election night for MP Ben Lobb’s victory celebration.

Peabody joined Ontario’s agriculture minister, Lisa Thompson, in congratulating Lobb, who’ll be returning to Ottawa for another term.

Locally, Peabody said the big issue is “the province’s vaccination passport policy and how it impacts our arena.”

Care was taken by municipal staff to ensure the recreation policy aligns with the province; other area municipalities appear to have done the same.

Peabody explained that what it means is unvaccinated adults won’t be allowed as spectators in the arena, as of Sept. 22. He said he’s been asked what happens when an unvaccinated parent is taking a child to hockey practice or a game.

“You have to get someone who is vaccinated to take the child to hockey,” the mayor said. “The province is pretty firm on this – there are no loopholes.”

He further explained that he’s concerned about unsupervised children at the arena, an issue he’s raised with provincial authorities.

“I flagged that concern,” he said.

He said the arena policy is becoming a touchy subject among those who choose to remain unvaccinated.

“Arenas are public places,” he said.

Peabody noted the province had said coaches didn’t have to be vaccinated, although the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) requires them to be vaccinated. That’s the OMHA’s right.

The other key issue locally is actually a good news story – the East Ridge business park. It was the topic of an in-camera meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Members of council toured the business park and returned to discuss various issues connected with developing the area.

Peabody said prior to the meeting that he’d like to see the municipality work with a developer to get some attainable housing in there – a lower-cost townhouse development. Because of the geography of the area, servicing such a development would require a booster pump, and that’s an expensive proposition.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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