Brockton mayor concerned about low vaccination rate among Brucelea Haven staff

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BROCKTON – Coming up at Bruce County council on Sept. 2 is a report on long-term care, including some statistics on local vaccination rates that have Mayor Chris Peabody concerned.

At Brucelea Haven, 99 per cent of residents have received their two doses of vaccine. Among staff, it’s only 69 per cent, with four per cent having received one dose.

At Gateway Haven, 95 per cent of residents are double-vaccinated, along with 85 per cent of staff.

The report indicated both homes have implemented the ministry directive requiring all staff, students and volunteers to provide proof of vaccination, a medical reason for not being vaccinated, or completion of a COVID-19 vaccination education program.

Peabody said that the concept of showing vaccine-hesitant staff a video hasn’t been effective. “The carrot isn’t working. We have to get those rates up.”

Peabody noted the residents at Brucelea Haven are the most vulnerable in the county, and the county must show leadership to ensure they’re protected. “They’re our priority,” he said.

The mayor said he wonders if the vaccine passport will make a difference in the vaccination rate among the wider population.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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