Brockton mourns the loss of longtime mayor David Thomson

BROCKTON – Mayor Chris Peabody served his first term of office in 2000, with longtime mayor David Thomson at the helm.

Peabody and the rest of Brockton were saddened to learn that Thomson passed away on the weekend. As of press time, the obituary had not been posted.

“I learned a lot from Dave,” said Peabody. He recalls that many times he disagreed with then-Mayor Thomson. “He always used those opportunities to mentor me. We did become quite close. I leaned on him for advice after he left politics and often visited him until COVID.”

Thomson faced a lot of challenges during his time as mayor, including what Peabody called “every mayor’s worst nightmare” – the E. coli tragedy.

During that horrible time, Thomson met many challenges under the most intense media scrutiny, Peabody recalled.

Not only did Thomson show great courage in seeing things through, he ran for office after the crisis, and won what was to be his final term as mayor.

One regret Peabody has is the fact he didn’t support Thomson in his efforts to get a water pipeline to this area from Georgian Bay. “He was right,” said Peabody. “It was a good idea.” It would have provided a safe, long-term supply of water, without any need for wellhead protection. Costs would have been shared by several municipalities.

Unfortunately, the “no” side prevailed at the time, something Peabody now regrets.

“I admire how he stood up to things,” said Peabody.

Additional information will be in next week’sHerald-Times.

In Brockton this week

Brockton has received word that the municipality’s application for the new arena has been turned down.

“We need some alternate plans,” said the mayor, noting that North Bay has decided to go ahead with tendering for its “green” arena. “We have to make some different plans, and not give up,” said Peabody.

The arena, and the municipal budget, were at the top of Peabody’s mind when interviewed prior to Tuesday evening’s council meeting.

Pauline Kerr , Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times