Brockton municipal staff to receive time off for COVID-19 vaccinations

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BROCKTON – Coun. Tim Elphick made a notice of motion to provide staff with two hours of time off for COVID-19 vaccinations.

This is in keeping with the province’s framework for a safe reopening. Elphick said it also supports Brockton’s leadership in promoting employee wellness.

“It supports the safety of staff and those they come in contact with, by providing equal and fair access” to time for vaccinations, he said.

Staff will be given two hours off to get their vaccination. Those who already have their vaccinations will be given two hours of lieu time.

Coun. Dean Leifso asked about the cost.

CAO Sonya Watson said it’s just the time off. The only ones who’d really be affected would be summer students and daycare employees.

Coun. James Lang said he hopes “others will jump on board, too.”

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak commented that it’s a way of acknowledging “the stress everyone has been under” and serves as “a token of our appreciation.”

Council voted in favour of the motion.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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