Brockton sees drop in OMPF grant

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BROCKTON – The Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund allocation for Brockton has been decreasing over the past several years.

Brockton received $2,380,000 in 2012; by 2017, that had decreased to $1,607,100.

Brockton was notified that the 2021 allocation will decrease by $48,500 from 2020’s $1,536,600 to $1,488,100.

The municipality relies on the OMPF grant to provide government services. Small, rural municipalities don’t have the large tax base that cities do.

Coun. Steve Adams suggested drafting a letter to express concern over the decrease.

Coun. Dean Leifso wondered if other municipalities in the area were getting the same decrease.

Mayor Chris Peabody regarded the information as “mixed” news – both good and bad. It’s a bit of a drop. But he also noted Brockton has received a number of grants from “this government” and credited MPP Lisa Thompson for working on behalf of her constituents.

Peabody said Leifso’s idea was a good one. “Let’s do some research.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times