Brockton updates purchasing and procurement policy

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BROCKTON – Lise Patry, of LXM Law LLP, did a presentation on the review of the municipal procurement policy.

The objectives of the review were to reduce costs, streamline processes, comply with legal requirements, and ensure fair, transparent and competitive procurement policies.

The review recommended updating policies, establishing a procedures manual, establishing templates, establishing standard contract terms and training for council and staff.

The second part of Patry’s presentation involved reviewing e-bidding software, including one that’s currently available to Brockton – bids&tenders. It’s widely used by Ontario municipalities.

The third part involved 2021 procurement policy highlights that reflect best practices outlined in the Collingwood Judicial Inquiry report – specifically, staff and council’s roles in procurement.

As was discussed by council, staff and Patry, an updated and streamlined policy should result in more vendors bidding on projects, less staff time devoted to preparing documents, and some cost savings.

The new policy would see the CAO be brought into the procurement process, while council provides oversight.

Bylaws were passed later in the meeting to adopt the procurement policy and procedures review report, and to adopt a new purchasing and procurement policy.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times