Broke teen's heartfelt confession steals hearts

(Images via @K1ttaTron/Twitter)

A teen’s tweet about how he survived a first-date he couldn’t afford is melting hearts all over the internet.

Kittakone Sirisombath Jr, 17, took Destiny La’nae Irish out for a burger at Chili’s on March 13 — but reveals he only had enough to pay for one meal, so he told Irish he wasn’t hungry.

“I was nervous about my financial situation but after she ordered I knew I was in the clear,” the Texas teen told BuzzFeed News. “We joked the whole time and had fun.”

Six months down the track and still dating, Sirisombath decided to fess up about how the romance really began.

“Our first date … told you I wasn’t hungry but really ain’t have enough money to pay for both of us so I sat and watched you eat,” he tweeted, alongside a photo of Irish eating a burger.

“Pulled out my money under the table I ain’t know what you would think of me.”

He added: “In all honesty, I’ll do it again for you.”

If that wasn’t sweet enough, Irish replied: “It don’t matter. It ain’t about the money, we could’ve went to the store and got some snacks. I would’ve been straight.”

The young couple has made progress since the early days, telling Buzzfeed they regularly split meals and bills.

“We’ve taken care of each other plenty of times,” Sirisombath said. “That’s my best friend; she keeps me going!”

Naturally, Twitter users are gushing over the loved-up pair.

There was, of course, the occasional gag…

Not today, Bacon.

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