Work on Brooke elementary school underway

Work to shore up the roof of a Lambton elementary school is underway.

An update on the Brooke Central School’s roof renovations was provided by Associate Director and Treasurer Brian McKay after Trustee Greg Agar asked about the situation after hearing concerns from many residents.

Director John Howitt said possibly the number of concerns Agar could be hearing from is from grandparents of students. He said the school district is 100 percent committed to transparency. Lambton Kent sent out a newsletter on Jan. 10 and also placed it on its website.

Work is being currently being completed on the structural reinforcement of the beams supporting the roof and on the sprinkler system. Any other roof repairs will be completed next summer.

McKay said the timeline still has to be provided by the architect on the work this summer. A lot of the issues that are still being examined involve supply chain issue and finding enough workers. The plan is still to return students to the school within this school year, he said

“You are doing a heck of a job there,” said Agar. Trustee Jane Bryce attended the public meeting in November, which was held in Alvinston to discuss what was going to be done at Brooke Central School. What was stressed was Lambton Kent School District was not going to compromise on student or staff safety, said Bryce.

One of the concerns by parents was bussing of the students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. The concern was the younger students might be dropped off at home at the end of day before their older siblings, said McKay. This has been coordinated so this doesn’t happen. The busses pick up students at Brooke-Central first where the Grade 6 to 8 students are still holding classes, then pick up the younger students at Lambton Central and East Lambton schools, before dropping off everyone at home. The longest bus ride is 69 minutes in the afternoon.

Kindergarten to Grade 5 students were moved to Lambton Centennial with students in French Immersion in Kindergarten to Grade 5 going to East Lambton Elementary School. Grade 6 to 8 students stayed at Brooke Central in a newer part of the school.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent