Brookside Drive roundabout in Fredericton delayed by the province

The roundabout planned for the intersection of Brookside Drive and the Ring Road has been put on hold by the province. 

The project was for this year or next, according to Fredericton Coun. Kevin Darrah. 

"I'm disappointed right, you know, it's time that the province invests in Fredericton," said Darrah, chair of the city's transportation committee.

"But I understand why they did it. Council has had tough decisions that they've had to make on other things as well and that's what the province is doing."

Darrah said he didn't know the estimated cost of the project.

Since the Ring Road is a provincial road, the province is in charge of any changes made to the intersection and would foot the entire cost of a roundabout.

Intersection safety

Myfanwy Davies/CBC

According to city staff, the intersection on the north side saw more collisions resulting in injuries than any other intersection in the city in recent years.

In 2018, there were seven accidents, and seven people were injured in those accidents. In the past five years, there have been 21 injuries resulting from collisions. 

Bruce Grandy, the councillor for the area, said a roundabout would reduce the likelihood of such injuries.

"There's been a lot of accidents at that intersection and it is a safety issue," said Grandy. 

"There's been some vision problems as you come down that hill through the intersection turning left as you go down Brookside."

The project was one of seven roundabouts discussed at a council meeting late in 2018. Since the city put in a roundabout at the top of Smythe Street, there have been more collisions but fewer injuries.

Pedestrian plans

Aside from making the intersection safer for vehicles, Darrah said he wants it made safer for pedestrians. The city is planning upgrades along Brookside Drive and creating an active transportation link from Main Street to Killarney Lake Park. 

"So then you're going to have all these people crossing this super dangerous intersection," Darrah said. "So that's why I am disappointed.

"But at the same time, we hope to partner with the province to make that happen."

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure declined to provide anyone be interviewed. A spokesperson for the department said the project will be considered in future capital budgets.