Bruce County approves Official Plan amendment, change to draft plan of subdivision

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BRUCE COUNTY – The county’s planning committee has approved an Official Plan (OP) amendment for Teeswater Concrete.

The purpose of the application was to add a site specific “licenced aggregate/quarry operation to a portion of land on Concession 8, Culross, in South Bruce.

The OP amendment, and a municipal zoning amendment, would facilitate sand and gravel extraction, subject to a licence by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

The total proposed licence area is 24.56 hectares, with the area of extraction approximately 17.97 hectares in size in the south-central portion of the site. There is approximately 1,508,080 tonnes of material available for extraction.

The land is currently used for agricultural purposes – corn and wheat production. The dwelling on the site may be used as an office for the operation while aggregate extraction is occurring. There are also two barns and two accessory structures on the site.

The planning committee also approved a major revision to a draft plan of subdivision for Saugeen Shores, to increase the number of residential housing units by 20 – 19 townhouse units and one single detached unit. The single detached lot was originally intended to contain the original farmhouse, but due to its poor condition, the building was removed. The plan is now to put two single detached units at that location.

The 26.03-hectare property is located in the south end of Port Elgin, and is described in the planning report as “logical infill.” The surrounding area already has a mix of dwelling types.

Prior to amendment, the plan of subdivision provided for 518 residential units – 257 single detached and townhouse dwellings, and 261 units in two larger development blocks.

The third report received by the planning committee was on the new Official Plan’s growth management amendment.

In June, the planning committee directed staff to revise the workplan to support a two-stage adoption of the county’s new OP.

The July report updated the committee on some recent information. Among them was Brockton’s surplus of employment lands in Walkerton and an increased shortfall in residential lands over the planning horizon. The county has provided this information to the province for its consideration of Brockton’s MZO (Minister’s Zoning Order) to convert some employment lands to residential.

There is also a deficiency in employment lands in Kincardine’s primary urban area. As stated in the report, “Local staff anticipate that up to 75 per cent of these lands may be developed as medium/high density residential.”

Consideration is also being given to the supply of lands within the county’s hamlets.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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