Bruce County to ask MTO to expedite protection for intersection at Highway 9 and Bruce Road 3

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BRUCE COUNTY – The intersection of Highway 9 and Bruce Road 3 in Brockton was recently the scene of another fatality.

The intersection sees a large volume of traffic, especially in summer months, with vehicles heading north from Mildmay and south from the peninsula toward Mildmay, meeting traffic travelling between Walkerton and Kincardine. It’s not unusual to see vehicles backed up quite a distance both north and south, trying to get across. It’s also not unusual to see bits of debris from collisions there.

The situation was discussed during the Sept. 14 meeting of Brockton council. Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody again raised the topic at the Sept. 16 Bruce County transportation and environmental services committee meeting.

“There’s an accident there every weekend,” Peabody told the committee.

He said that he knows it’s an MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) responsibility and on the list for 2023 but said he wants to “get a stop light in there next year.”

Peabody added that leaving the intersection the way it is “is doing a disservice to EMS and the public… It’s a deadly corner.”

Miguel Pelletier, Bruce County’s director of transportation and environmental services, said the MTO is in the process of planning the project.

There was discussion about the possibility of constructing a roundabout at the intersection, but Pelletier said that would be lengthy and complicated, since there’s an old cemetery at one of the corners. Installing traffic lights would be quicker.

At the suggestion of Warden Janice Jackson, the committee agreed to send a letter from the county asking the MTO to expedite work at that intersection, and further, asking what solution they’re looking at.

During the meeting of Brockton council, Peabody had said, “People are upset about the accidents, the death toll.”

Brockton Coun. James Lang, a captain with the Brockton Fire Department, commented, “I’ve spent too much time at that intersection, and also at 9 and 20, and 4/9. Something has to be done sooner rather than later.”

What’s happening with Bruce Road 6?

South Bruce Mayor Robert Buckle asked the status of the Bruce Road 6 (Deemerton Road) project between Mildmay and Grey Road 10, during last week’s meeting of the Bruce County transportation and environmental services committee.

“I’m getting a lot of static,” he said, noting the road is so bad that the speed limit has been reduced to 70 km/h.

“Why is it taking so long?” he asked.

Pelletier said the county has started acquiring property for widening the road. It’s on the capital projects status report for 2021, presented to the committee at the Sept. 16 meeting.

Pelletier said construction should begin next year. The project may be reduced in scope, he noted. More information will be available at the October or November meeting of the committee.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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