Bruce County completes capital road, bridge projects in 2021

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BRUCE COUNTY – In the final meeting of 2021, Bruce County’s transportation and environmental services committee reviewed a report on capital projects for the year.

The 2021 capital budget was $11,790,401. Approximately $3,250,000 is expected to be carried forward.

The report indicated all projects that could be done in 2021 are complete. The others have been deferred to 2022, with design work completed to have the projects shovel-ready.

Among the projects in the Brockton area was work on Bruce Roads 3 and 4 east of Walkerton, completed on scope and under budget ($2,313,336).

Micro-surfacing of Bruce Roads 2, 9, 19 and 29 West Road was completed under budget ($1,176,699).

Widening and rehabilitation of Bruce Road 6 east of Mildmay to Grey Road 10, was reduced in scope and came in on budget ($150,000).

New signage for Bruce Road 12 in Formosa came in on budget ($20,000).

Reconstruction of Bruce Road 30, Chesley, came in on budget ($46,000).

A project involved with the replacement of the Durham Street Bridge on Bruce Road 4, Walkerton, came in on budget ($50,000).

Replacement of the Stefler Bridge on Bruce Road 12 north of Belmore came in under budget ($742,979).

A project involved with replacement of the Teeswater Bridge on Bruce Road 3, Paisley, came in over budget ($340,000).

Repair of Silver Creek Bruce Road 2 at Durham Street, Walkerton, was deferred (design only, under budget $50,000).

Repair of the Saugeen Bridge on Bruce Road 4, west of Hanover, financial contribution only, was over budget ($364,000).

A capital project to resurface the rail trail between Walkerton and Mildmay, budgeted at $100,000, came in under budget.

The project to develop the needs and options to expand the facilities at the Walkerton Yard, budgeted at $75,000, was carried over from 2020 and is likely to be deferred to 2022 due to limited capacity for facilities management activities.

The complete list of projects is available on the Bruce County website.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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