Bruce County council updated on status of transportation capital projects

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BRUCE COUNTY – Among the projects listed in the transportation and environmental services committee’s status update for 2021 capital projects was the widening and rehabilitation of Bruce Road 6 East, between Mildmay and Grey Road 10.

It’s known locally as the Deemerton Road, and has been referred to as one of the worst in the area.

The status update indicated the project was “on time, on scope and on budget ($150,000).”

County Coun. Robert Buckle, mayor of South Bruce, asked when the project was going to be done.

Miguel Pelletier, director of transportation and environmental services, said it was “moving ahead” and was at the design stage. He noted it was due to begin next year, and may require additional funds – the federal and provincial government have been contacted. The project will be done over three years, and it’s anticipated there could be some delays.

The road has a reduced speed limit and many challenges in the form of hills and curves.

Anther project on the list that was the subject of discussion was Bruce Road 8 into Sauble Beach. Culverts are being done this year, with pavement deferred until 2022.

Pelletier also presented a report on resurfacing the gravel section of West Road in Northern Bruce Peninsula. County Coun. Milt McIver, mayor of that municipality, commented he was pleased to see the road was being improved.

Pelletier commented that the county has received a lot of comments about the poor condition of the gravel section of the road and the numerous hazards on it. The county’s policy used to be to postpone doing anything substantial on a road slated for major reconstruction work. However, this section of road seems to call for something beyond filling in holes when they’re reported and applying new aggregate on the usual two-year schedule.

The report stated a tar and chip surface would reduce maintenance costs and be better for road users. Tar and chip lasts only between five and eight years, and would cost in the range of $1 million.

There’s currently a project in progress to reconstruct the road, but it’s unlikely to start for at least three years, given the assessments and design work that must be completed.

Because of the complaints, and the fact the paved section of the road is to be micro-surfaced this year, Pelletier is recommending tar and chip for the gravel section. It would reduce the urgency for rebuilding the road while enhancing its safety.

Teeswater River bridge project

The bridge over the Teeswater River in Paisley along Bruce Road 3 is scheduled for replacement in 2022, after serving the community for over 85 years.

County Coun. Steve Hammell, mayor of Arran-Elderslie, said a public meeting is being held on May 18, prior to the next meeting of the county’s transportation and environmental services committee.

Among the issues being looked at are detour alternatives, which, he noted, are limited.

Also being looked at are comments on the appearance of the bridge.

“We’re looking for public input – decisions have not been made yet,” Hammell said.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times