Bruce County’s transportation and environmental services committee approves Paisley bridge recommendation

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BRUCE COUNTY – The Teeswater River Bridge in Paisley came before Bruce County’s transportation and environmental services committee on June 17.

This bridge replacement has been of interest in Brockton because that community’s bridge on the east end of Walkerton is next in line for replacement. It’s a situation similar to Paisley’s – a bridge on the major route through town.

The committee endorsed the preferred alternative outlined in the report presented to the committee, for replacement of the 85-year-old bridge.

Jim Donohoe, the county’s engineering manager, said the preliminary design of the new two-span bridge has considered not only structural, loading and flooding criteria, but also the aesthetic preferences which were expressed at the initial Public Consultation in September 2020.

Paisley is recognized as an artistic village and the community would like to ensure the new bridge is not in contrast to this reputation.

Certain design constraints are imposed due to the fact that the existing bridge is integral to flood control. The bridge has solid panels at each end to work as flood control components along with the existing dyke system. This aspect needs to be factored into the final design.

Donohoe said the sidewalks along the bridge are six feet wide with a viewing platform, as per public input.

Also considered were detour options, a key issue since the bridge is on a major route through Paisley.

The preferred detour involves renting a temporary bridge.

Total cost of the project would be $10.2 million.

County Coun. Steve Hammell, mayor of Arran-Elderslie, said, “There was almost unanimous support for this.”

When it was put to the vote, the committee approved the recommendation.

“This is good for the county,” said County Coun. Milt McIver, mayor of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

It wasn’t the only Paisley area bridge discussed by the committee – the rail bridge that recently caught fire was also on the agenda.

The purpose was to ensure the ATV detour on Bruce Road 3 was working, and that ATV operators could use the detour legally.

Hammell took the opportunity to thank the Paisley Fire Department and the neighbouring fire departments who assisted.

“They did an exceptional job,” he said.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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