Bruins' Tuukka Rask loses skate blade, allows goal, loses cool

Let’s calm down here, Tuukka. (Twitter/@mkmolnar)

Losing a skate blade can be a tricky thing for a skater — but disastrous for a goaltender.

This was the case during the second period of Game 1 between the Boston and Tampa Bay on Saturday afternoon, as Bruins netminder Tuukka Rask blew a wheel. And despite his best efforts to coerce the referee into blowing the whistle (this was before wielding the blade), the officiating team in Tampa Bay understood the rules, and did the right thing by doing nothing for the distressed keeper — even if it cost the Bruins a goal.

Here’s the official explanation of the referees’ actions on a sequence that resulted in Mikhail Sergachev firing one past the incapacitated Rask.

It goes without saying, being scored on didn’t sit well with Rask.

Yeah, being anywhere near an angry Tuukka Rask who is also holding a really sharp blade in his hand is not a safe place to be.

If I was official Brad Meier, I would have been terrified.

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