Brutally awkward day for 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant who repeatedly gets turned down

Blake E. was the newest arrival looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise, but he had trouble escaping the ghost of “Whaboom” guy Lucas. On The Bachelorette, Blake had a lot of problems with Lucas, who he thought was there for all the wrong reasons and not actually trying to win Rachel’s heart. The epic screaming fight between the two of then has been haunting Blake ever since.

Despite Raven’s advice — “Just be yourself and don’t talk about Whaboom” — Blake went right ahead and did. “You shouldn’t be on the show if you’re not open to falling in love with someone,” he said to Kristina. “He was there to sell tank tops and scream in a megaphone, so I have resentment towards him. My blood pressure’s going up now just thinking about it.”

When he asked Kristina out on a date, she turned him down. “When I was in the orphanage, all I wanted was to get picked, and today, I don’t want to be picked for this date,” she said.

Blake certainly knew how to sweet-talk his second choice, Christen. “To be honest with you, you were the only person that I spoke to today that didn’t feel like pulling teeth,” Blake said to her. “I don’t mean that, like, in a by-default way.”

Christen did agree to the date, but luck was just not with Blake. Their boat date went from bad to worse, with Christen getting nauseous and then struggling to keep her contact lens in.

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