Bryan Petryshyn adds name to city byelection ballot

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Bryan Petryshyn has added his name to the ballot for the city councillor byelection on Oct. 17.

Petryshyn most recently ran for city mayor in the past October municipal election.

The councillor position opens after the death of coun. John Lehners on July 17.

“I believe that people need better value for their money spent; we (have) one of the highest personal property taxes in Alberta,” Petryshyn told Town & Country News.

He said he moved to the city in 2005 and believes he has seen a decline in infrastructure since that time.

“When I moved here and within the last 12 years or so, I've just seen the infrastructure and the quality of the city just go downhill, and I believe it's just due to possibly to misspending from city hall,” said Petryshn.

He said he wants to ensure the city has more efficient road repair and better snow removal for a city that is so heavily affected by winter.

He said when he was campaigning for mayor last year, he heard from many residents frustrated that their streets only get plowed once per month, along with complaints of road resurfacing in areas that didn’t need it.

“To me, that's just the mismanagement of money.”

“I've always been a very budgeted person myself,” said Petryshn, who said he grew up in a farm family which taught him “if you don't fix it, yourself, it never gets done.”

Those lessons would lead him to seek a leadership role at the municipal level.

Whoever gets elected in the new city councillor role will face the four-year budget only weeks after being sworn in; Petryshyn says he has begun looking into how to help shape it.

“I'm a person that goes out of my way just to help people, and I believe in high value for everybody's dollar,” he said.

Petryshyn currently works as a service manager at Expert Mobile.

As of Sept. 12, Robin Rochon, Wade Pilat and Kevin McLean are also included on the nomination list.

Two advance voting days are set for Oct. 8 and Oct. 15 at the Montrose Cultural Centre.

The estimated cost of the byelection to the city is $129,980, which covers temporary wages, automated voting, ballots, marketing, advertising, facility rentals, and other related expenditures, says the city.

Candidate nominations will close on Sept. 19 at noon.

To be eligible to run for council, a resident must be at least 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, and a resident of Grande Prairie since March 19, 2022.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News