Bryce Harper's broken bat homer has been immortalized as a bobblehead

Fun baseball moments deserve to be immortalized forever in bobblehead form. Chipper Jones saving Freddie Freeman in a snowstorm? That’s a bobblehead. Pat Venditte throwing with both arms? Bobblehead. Greg Bird riding a bird? Yeah, it’s also a bobblehead.

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So, it should come as no surprise that we also believe Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper’s broken bat home run ought to also be immortalized as a bobblehead. Thanks to Sports Fan Island, it is!

Bryce Harper’s broken bat has its own bobblehead now. (Screen shot via Sports Fan Island)

The company specializes in quirky bobbleheads. They were behind the Shohei Ohtani bobble with four arms. Two for pitching and two for hitting, of course.

As for the Harper one, you can own it for $39.99. It features a bearded Harper finishing his swing. His bat is split in half, barely hanging together by a splinter of wood. As the description on the website shows, the bobblehead features flames on home plate (because why not?) and a front plaque that reads “Welcome to the club.”

In case you were worried about this being some rogue product, it is licensed by Major League Baseball and the MLBPA. It’s a legitimate piece of baseball memorabilia.

You can preorder the bobblehead now, but it will take until July to ship, so you have to be patient. We won’t blame you for getting anxious while you wait, knowing Harper, there’s a good chance he’ll manage another broken bat home run before you get the bobblehead celebrating his first one.

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