BTS fans can experience ‘one night’ in home where stars filmed In the Soop

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Two lucky BTS fans will have the opportunity live like the K-pop superstars for “one night” in August, for a very reasonable price.

On Monday (25 July), Airbnb revealed the company had listed the gorgeous property where BTS filmed the second season of Hybe’s reality series In The Soop.

Hybe is the South Korean entertainment company that manages BTS.

According to the listing, the band members “enjoyed leisurely moments and reconnected with nature” during their stay at the “expansive property “ located in PyeongChang, South Korea, while filming the show.

Now, Airbnb is offering two fans the chance to spend a night in the estate, and immerse themselves in luxury living like BTS did.

The two people who eventually make it to the home will have the opportunity to “read books in the study” like RM did on In The Soop, or “relax, Jin-style, on the unicorn-shaped float in the pool”.

Other attractions include a gym where BTS members got in shape for their energetic live shows and music videos, as well as a basketball court where Bam, Jungkook’s dog, would often hang out.

Amenities also include a karaoke machine with all of BTS’s hit tracks and albums, including “Permission to Dance” and “Butter”, as well as specially catered dishes such as charcoal grilled Korean beef and simmered rice cakes which the band savoured during filming of the show.

Guests will also be served the same egg tarts served at Hybe’s music museum called Hybe Insight.

Mansion where BTS filmed season two of Hybe’s ‘In the Soop’ (Airbnb)
Mansion where BTS filmed season two of Hybe’s ‘In the Soop’ (Airbnb)
Mansion where BTS filmed season two of Hybe’s ‘In the Soop’ (Airbnb)
Mansion where BTS filmed season two of Hybe’s ‘In the Soop’ (Airbnb)

Bookings for the property open on 1 August at 10 pm ET on Airbnb. The booking fees has been decided as $7 (£5.8) plus taxes and fees, as a nod to the group’s seven members: RM, 27, Jin, 29, SUGA, 29, J-Hope, 28, Jimin, 26, V, 26, and Jungkook, 24.

Last month, Hybe issued a statement clarifying the group was not going on hiatus, after BTS released a video message reflecting on their future last month as part of FESTA, an annual celebration held around the anniversary of the boy band’s debut.

Hybe’s statement read: “BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time.”