#AntiBlackRacism is alive and well in Canada': Canadians angered by notion that Buffalo shooting couldn't happen here

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Following the deadly shooting in Buffalo, New York, which left 10 dead and three injured, people, including Canadians, have commented on the hate crime.

On Saturday, 18-year-old Payton Gendron opened fire at Tops Friendly Market. He livestreamed the shooting on Twitch before the streamed was cut off, "less than two minutes after the violence started," the platform stated.

Authorities have said that a 180-page manifesto, attributed to Gendron, details his plans for the racist massacre.

"Jill and I pray for the victims, their families and devastated community from yesterday’s mass shooting in Buffalo, New York," a statement from U.S. President Joe Biden reads. "Our hearts are heavy once again but our resolve must not waver; we must work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of this nation."

Several individuals took to social media to respond to Saturdays attack.

Canadians have also responded to Saturday's attack in Buffalo.

"Canadians across the country are grieving with the people of Buffalo today, following the horrific act of hatred that claimed the lives of several innocent people," a statement from Prime Minster Justin Trudeau reads. "To everyone affected, we’re keeping you in our thoughts during this difficult time."

Several Canadians also called out comments that suggest hate-motivated attacks like this don't happen in Canada.