'Build some kind of Frankenstein sandwich:' Islanders' plans for holiday leftovers

With holiday celebration comes holiday meals and with holiday meals comes holiday leftovers.

Meals can get large with family and friends dining together, leaving many across P.E.I. wondering what to do with leftovers.

There are many options when it comes to leftovers.

Adam MacGregor said he usually makes a sandwich with what is left over from turkey dinner.

"I take all the toppings from the turkey dinner and put it in a sandwich and just eat that. It looks disgusting, but it is amazing," he said.

While many make soup and sandwiches with scraps from Christmas dinner, leftovers don't last long in some Island homes.


Susan Bruce said her daughters and sons cleanup the leftovers quickly.

"Fortunately having young males in the household they pretty much eat all the leftovers. So, we make turkey soup and soup and sandwiches for a couple days then it's all gone," she said.

Tyler Gauthier is back home visiting the Island from Calgary and he said like Bruce his family has no problem taking care of leftovers.

'One big meal'

Sean Patrick Young/CBC

Eleven-year-old Nate Ostrich said he has a big dinner every Christmas Day with his cousins. He said most leftovers are given to those leaving the house.

"We sort them out, some go to my uncle, some stays at our house and some goes to their house," he said.

Sean Patrick Young/CBC

Some Island families went away from the traditional turkey meal this year. Renne Harper said smoked brisket was on the menu for her family, but there is still a plan for leftovers.

"We usually have a lot of people around, so we usually try to do one big meal and then the next day is, kind of, invite everyone to finish up what is left over," Harper said.

Sean Patrick Young/CBC

Brad Doiron said he was changing it up this year as well and had goose for Christmas dinner, which makes for an interesting plan for the leftovers.

"It'll be most likely different types of sandwiches and stuff like that. We always like to … build some kind of Frankenstein sandwich out of all the leftovers and bits we didn't get around to eating," he said.

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