Building film culture takes community: CBC WIFF filmmakers panel

Building film culture takes community: CBC WIFF filmmakers panel

A panel of local filmmakers joined CBC Windsor host Chris Ensing Monday at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts as part of the Windsor International Film Festival.

With a live audience, the discussion looked at how the community helps bring films to life and the benefits of making films in Windsor rather than places like the Greater Toronto Area.

"After all this hard work, to see it on the screen ... it's the community that makes it possible," said Asil Moussa, one of the panelists.

Professor and filmmaker Kim Nelson moved to Windsor from Vancouver and praised the climate and cost of living in Windsor for why more films should be made locally.

WIFF executive director Vincent Georgie agreed, but said there needs to be more here for filmmakers — tax breaks, rental shops and more.

"You need a basic infrastructure to make [filming] physically possible ... what services exist in Windsor that you can rent? Those things have to be part of it," said Georgie.

As the chief programmer, Georgie said seeing WIFF come to life each year makes the team proud of the platform they're providing to local filmmakers.

"We're really proud to support [filmmaking]," said Georgie. "To build film culture, you have to have festivals."

The Windsor International Film Festival is an annual Windsor staple. Catch the whole panel here: