Bulgarian Bus Bomber Had a Fake Michigan Driver's License

Adam Martin
Bulgarian Bus Bomber Had a Fake Michigan Driver's License

Little is know about the terrorist who carried out an apparent suicide bombing on a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, but one detail to emerge is that he was carrying a fake Michigan drivers license listing a Louisiana address. Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ has a photo of the license for a "Jean Felipe Martin" in Baton Rouge, but Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov told reporters that Michigan DMV officials have already confirmed "there was no such person in their database." 

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The death toll from the attack is at seven, which includes five Israelis, the Bulgarian driver of the bus and the attacker. Israel has said it suspects Hezbollah operatives backed by Iran. "The authorities believe that the suspect was carrying the bomb in his backpack, which he placed in the luggage compartment underneath the bus," CNN reports, which has footage of him wandering around the airport in the video embedded below. An unnamed official told The New York Times, “He either had turned with his backpack toward the bus when he exploded it or pretended he was one of the group putting his backpack in the baggage compartment under the bus. Video footage clearly shows him in the airport earlier wandering back and forth, following the group, looking nervous.” Authorities are now comparing DNA with databases to try to identify the bomber.

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