BULL AUCTION helps to keep HALO in the air

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On March 12, CD Land and Cattle held their annual production sale and donated half the proceeds raised from one of their bulls that was auctioned off to help fundraise for HALO Air Ambulance.

“We put on a bull sale every year in March,” said Cheryl Domolewski, member of CD Land and Cattle. “This year, we picked one of the bulls and said what- ever it brought we would donate half the proceeds to HALO.”

The bull that they were auc- tioning was originally purchased by Edward Camps for $6,000 and he immediately donated it back to the auction so it could be sold again raising even more money for HALO Air Ambulance. Four plastic HALO Air Ambulance wristbands were also auctioned off bringing the total amount of funds raised to just under $15,000.

HALO Air Ambulance is an emergency response unit situated in Medicine Hat and is similar to Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service also known as STARS Air Ambulance. HALO Air Ambulance was founded in 2007 and primarily services southern Alberta with the capability of also servicing southwest Sas- katchewan. The air ambulance only recently received some funding from the government and still relies on donations and other fundraisers to stay operational.

“HALO is a small equivalent to STARS and they run out of Medicine Hat,” said Domolewski. “Now the thing about HALO, up to very recently they never got any government funding for it so it was strictly fundraiser. They did just announce last week the government is going to start fund- ing them.... What the government is going to kick in now might be up to 50 per cent at the most. So there still going to be very, very reliant on fundraisers.”

Domolewski discussed the importance of HALO Air Ambulance operating in southern Alberta due to people potentially getting injured on farms and the challenge that other convention- al first aid response units have when trying to reach such a remote location.

“HALO it’s a big thing in the rural area out here just because they are located in Medicine Hat,” said Domolewski. “If farmers have an accident on your fields or something chances are it’s going to be HALO that’s going to come.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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