Bull Escapes During California Rodeo, Injures Multiple Bystanders Before Being Captured

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rodeo bull
rodeo bull

Getty A stock image of a bull (not the bull from the Redding incident)

Multiple people were injured — and one hospitalized — after a bull escaped during the Redding Rodeo in California last Friday night, local news outlets reported.

According to a press release from the Redding Rodeo, the bull escaped over a fence during the final portion of the bull riding event that night. The bull then "ran out of the rodeo grounds and towards the contestant parking area."

It was eventually captured by rodeo livestock professionals in Redding near the city's Sundial Bridge, where it was put into a trailer, the release said.

Police said that six people were injured on Friday and suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries, though one woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance, according to the Redding Record Searchlight. Police Cpl. Aaron Hollemon told the outlet, "I know at least one person was injured in the area of the Sundial Bridge. I don't know if there other five were in the stands. I don't know exactly what the breakdown was."

"My understanding is four people were seen by emergency medical personnel and they left before we could contact them," Hollemon added.

First aid was provided to those injured by rodeo staff, first responders, and local law enforcement, the outlet reported.

Redding Rodeo President Bennett Gooch told local news outlet KRCR that the bull's recapture happened "within less than six minutes." The animal in question was not used again as the rodeo continued on Saturday, he said.

"We plan for this type of stuff … we try different scenarios and what would we do if something happened, if it was in the grandstands or something outside the arena," he said.

Gooch told the outlet on Saturday that organizers had spoken with some of those injured, and "they're just a little bruised up is all we've heard."

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Jordan Greco, 15, told the Record Searchlight he was hit by the bull while waiting for the restroom during a ticketing shift.

"I looked at the woman who took over my shift and next thing I know I see this huge bull running towards us," Greco said. "To be honest, I didn't feel it at the time because my adrenaline was pumping and I had to make split-second decisions."

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