Car jumped canal and flew 150 feet in a fatal fiery crash in Fresno County, CHP says

A burned car was discovered with a body inside in western Fresno County on Wednesday morning, the California Highway Patrol said.

The car was reported about 6 a.m. near Sumner and Placer avenues north of San Joaquin, CHP said.

When fire crews got to it, the car was no longer burning, CHP said. Officers believe the car was involved in a fatal solo car crash and caught fire during the night.

Investigators said it appears the driver of the 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche was headed east on Sumner Avenue towards a dead end near a canal and hit the levee at a high enough speed to jump over the waterway, officer Carlos Trejo said in an update.

The truck traveled more than 150 feet before landing on its front end and bursting into flames, he said.

The vehicle was accessible by a dirt road near the levee, CHP said.

No information was immediately available on the driver, who died in the fire. CHP could not immediately what led up to the crash.