Bus donation driving Yo Mobile's work ahead

The Yo Mobile has a new bus thanks to Rush Truck Centre and Leuschen Transportation.

Dan Gloster, who runs the Yo Mobile, said the donation will be pivotal to the work he and his team do in the community.

“Since the old one died, we’ve been looking for a new one and the people at Rush Truck Centre worked their connections,” said Gloster. "We got a bus donated to us."

The Yo Mobile is a mobile help centre providing food, warm clothes and other essentials to anyone in need. The bus sets up in the parking lot at city hall to provide services through the coldest months.

The new bus is currently being inspected for safety at Rush Truck Centre, but Jason Cuddy said there isn't much work that needed to be done on it.

"It's just the safety inspection and a little bit of upkeep," said Cuddy, who works at Rush Truck. "They reached out to us to get it all checked out and we were happy to help."

Gloster was hopeful that they’ll be back at city hall this week to help people out in the cold.

“We’ve got a contract for cold nights, and this is looking like it’s going to be one of those,” said Gloster. “So the city wants to get us out there tonight.”

There have been a few setbacks, though, and they'll be working out of the Salvation Army tonight and hope to be back on the street next week.

Gloster said the cold night's contract with the city grew out of a need to find space for people who are seeking shelter.

“There are people who aren’t allowed in other shelters and they were making their way to the hospitals,” said Gloster. “So the city was trying to figure out what to do and they messaged us.”

Gloster said that his partnership with the Salvation Army, which allowed the Yo Mobile to use the organization's space, has been extended. The partnership came together after the death of the previous Yo Mobile bus.

Prior to the donation, Gloster said they'd looked at buying a bus for around $5,000.

Leuschen Transportation donated the bus, as well as the previous one to the Yo Mobile project.

Patricia Franolla, the manager at Leuschen's Timmins office, said that they like to see these vehicles get new life.

"We've got buses that are too old to drive for us, so we get them fixed up or we work on them," she said.

The new bus will also be getting a paint job from the team at the Bucket Shop, with designs by Luc Grzela from Computerized Lettering and Signs.

“It’s all coming along,” said Gloster.

Amanda Rabski-McColl, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, TimminsToday.com