Business chronicles sequel in Gan, TLTI

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Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands are again asking local businesses for their business chronicles.

The fourth edition of the project aims to showcase local businesses through social media, websites and investment campaigns.

Any business, whether home-based, just starting out or well established, is welcomed to apply, said Amanda Trafford, business development co-ordinator for the town of Gananoque.

"What we are doing is using the businesses to tell the story of our communities," she said.

The chronicles are funded by the Rural Economic Development (RED) program through the provincial ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Along with having the businesses advertised on social media, the information and website catalogue is also used to attract new businesses to the area.

"Like every other community we are trying to attract new business," said Trafford. "By using our businesses, we can tell the story of why it’s good to do business here."

Trafford said the chronicles are another way to showcase a positive quality of life for a business despite being in a rural setting.

Terri Dawson, the owner of the Green Gecko shop in Lyndhurst, said she also took away that the chronicle is about showing off the community.

"You're not always trying to push advertising," said Dawson. "What you're trying to say is look at this great business community we have here.

"You could be a part of this too."

The businesses involved will also receive a free professional photograph for their use in promoting the business, something Dawson said was greatly welcomed.

"I really appreciated that I was given a print-quality copy of the photo because I've used it in other promotion of my business," she said.

"Most businesses are not budgeting for a professional photo of you taken so it's a real bonus."

Dawson, who was a part of the first round of business chronicles, said she found the process simple and straightforward.

"Because you're the one filling out the information… you make sure that you are highlighting the things you really feel are important," said Dawson, whose store sells items "from down the road and around the world."

McKenna Modler, project coordinator for RED, said that over 30 businesses have been chronicled in the first three editions, dating back to 2018. Each business is found on either the town or township's chronicles webpage, depending on the location of the business.

Modler said if a business is interested in joining the chronicles, the owners can email her at or visit either the town or township versions of the chronicles webpage. The deadline is March 31.

Marshall Healey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brockville Recorder and Times