BUSINESS FEATURE: One-of-a-kind work at Shay's Stamping Styles

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Shaylis Johnson has taken her creativity to the next level and turned her hobby into a business, launching shaysstampingstyles, which offers custom metal stamping for a variety of objects.

Johnson was browsing Instagram one day when she saw a photo of a cute, metal stamped keychain. She liked the idea so much that she reached out to the owner of the account to see if she could have a custom one made for herself.

“One day I stumbled onto a lady’s Instagram that made cute keychains,” Johnson explained.

“I really wanted one for the keyring for my truck keys. I messaged her asking to place an order and soon she accepted. Two weeks later I messaged her for a follow up to see how my keychain was coming along, she read my message and did not respond. I let a week pass because I understand life can get busy, I proceeded to message her again and to no avail. She did not respond again.”

Disappointed but not daunted, Johnson had her heart set on a metal stamped keychain and decided to explore the craft for herself.

“I decided to do some research and figure out how metal stamping works,” said Johnson.

“I decided that if she was not going to be able to help me that I will do it myself! I headed to Kamloops on the search for metal stamping equipment and supplies. I purchased everything I needed and decided to make some pet tags first. I posted it on my Facebook and right away I was asked to make some for other’s pets.”

It made sense that Johnson’s first project involved pets, as she is a self professed animal lover, and dog mom to two: Kane and Jax, both of which are now employed part time as models for Johnson’s creations, sporting custom tags of their own.

“To my surprise, a small business arose from this beautiful hobby that I love so dearly,” said Johnson, who has expanded her offerings to include more than just keychains and dog tags.

Here I can stamp letters, numbers, and designs into many types and colours and shapes of metal. Currently we offer custom dog tags, cat tags, horse bridle tags, rings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains & decorative tags along with anything anyone can think of or want.”

Johnson, a Lower Mainland transplant who moved from Langley to the Nicola Valley in 2016, is currently juggling her metal stamping business with the studies required as a full-time student.

“I am currently a full-time student pursuing my Criminology Diploma and will be furthering my studies into a Forestry Diploma.”

In addition to running shaysstampingstyles and pursuing her post secondary education, Johnson enjoys the outdoors and exploring the Nicola Valley.

“If I am not completing orders, I am out with my two dogs Kane and Jax either hiking, 4x4ing or just enjoying the great outdoors Merritt has to offer,” said Johnson.

“My passions include skiing, dirt biking, mountain biking and camping to name a few. I also help with the local rescues which has been a deep passion of mine since most of my fur kids have been rescues.”

Johnson welcomes the opportunity to experiment and create one-of-a-kind pieces for customers, with each coming out completely unique.

“When I create an individual order, nothing is the same,” said Johnson.

“Even if a customer orders three of the same thing they will never come out one like the other. Each letter, number and design are individually hand stamped by me. So, if I fumble up on the last letter I must start again. It was frustrating at first but now with some experience, I absolutely love watching the creative ideas my clients bring to me blossom. I love the support the community in Merritt has given me so far and I am beyond grateful!”

To see what Shaylis is creating, you can follow her Facebook page ‘shaysstampingstyles’, on Instagram under the same name, via email at and through Shopify.

If you would like to see her work in person, you can view a selection of Johnson’s work at Miss Vicki’s Petals and Plants and Fetch Grooming in downtown Merritt, as well as Purr-fect Paws Pet Supplies in Logan Lake and Shaylon’s Grooming in Kamloops.

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald