Business owner is the bee’s knees - International Women's Day

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Amanda Frederickson is the owner of Bee’s Knees Beauty Boutique. Frederickson was nominated for an International Women’s Day award through Nicola Valley Women in Action for her service to the community through her business.

Frederickson was surprised to hear she had been nominated, but expressed her thanks to the community for their support of her and her venture.

“It feels amazing, especially since this is my first business award,” said Frederickson.

Frederickson decided to use her business, which provides services ranging from manicures and pedicures to eyebrow and facial waxing to eyelash lifting, tinting or extensions as well as permanent makeup such as powder brows, to give back to the community.

Setting a day, Frederickson advertised her special promotion, which would give all of her profits garnered on that day to a local charitable endeavour. Frederickson ended up partnering with Mary Holgate of Mary’s Catering which provides meals for seniors at a cost of $120 per month, with half of that coming from a community sponsor.

Frederickson was able to provide Holgate with $230 for her meal program.

There was a time when Frederickson wasn’t sure that she would continue in business, as she unexpectedly had to give up her storefront and change directions, making the nomination that much sweeter.

“I’ve come a long way and even though the business isn’t what I started it as, a good entrepreneur pivots through difficulties and overcomes,” said Frederickson.

“I think that would be my main message, don’t give up whatever you are doing. Just take each hurdle with each day and continue on. You really can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Frederickson hopes the nomination will inspire her own daughters to aim high and pursue their dreams.

“I’m happy for the reward as well because I feel like it makes a good role model situation for my four daughters,” said Frederickson.

“I’m just so blessed to be a part of this community and I thank everyone for their support in my growth and continued success.”

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald