New bylaw allows Big Valley residents to go paperless

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Big Valley council approved a bylaw which will allow administration to send documents, such as utility bills, tax notices, and the community newsletter The Whistle by email during the regular Thursday, July 14 council meeting.

Although residents have had the option to receive these documents by email previously, there was no bylaw in place officially giving administration the authority to do so.

“There has been quite a bit of interest in this, and we’ve had a number of (authorization) forms filled out and returned,” Chief Administrative Officer Elaine Macdonald told the Mail.

She added, by being able to send these items electronically, it helps make things easier for administrative staff and also saves the village some costs on postage.

Residents interested in going paperless and receiving their tax notices and, or utility bills by email can request an authorization form from administration by phone at 403-876-2269 or email at

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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