New bylaw geared to those who don’t like flyers

Starting Dec. 31, Woodstock residents can legally stop the delivery of unwanted flyers to their driveway simply by posting a sign.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Woodstock passed the third and final reading to “the Bylaw Respecting Flyer Distribution in the Town of Woodstock.

Under the bylaw, the property owner or occupier can post a sign or notice prohibiting the delivery of flyers. Residents can post a sign provided by the town or make their own sign that adheres to specifications laid out in the bylaw.

The signs must be a minimum of 11 cm (4.5 in) wide by 12.5 (5 in) high, using black writing on a white background, containing the phrase “no flyers” in a san serif (plain) font of at least 38 pt.

The bylaw also states flyers distributors must deliver to a mailbox, a mail slot, a designated receptacle or the doorstep. The resident must post the “No Flyer” signs where it is visible to anyone delivering the flyers.

The bylaw does not apply to election materials, newspapers to paying subscribers or newspapers or community newsletters that do not contain flyers. Neither does it apply to government information, or circulars from Woodstock council members, MLAs or MPs

Anyone violating the bylaw faces a minimum fine of $140 to a maximum of $2,100. If the offence continues for more than one day, the fine could multiply by the number of days.

The bylaw also requires distributors to stop delivering flyers to a property where residents did not collect the flyers for the previous week.

Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, River Valley Sun