BYOS: Bring your own shovel! Appleton man selling buried snowmobile

Colin Chippett has a good sense of humour. 

Chippett recently posted a classified ad that's been garnering a few laughs.

"I think most people think it's a joke," he said.

The Appleton man posted an ad selling his 1990 Tundra, which is buried in snow.

You can buy the snowmobile for $400 — if you shovel it out yourself.

Otherwise, it'll cost you $600.

Chippett injured his back and isn't able to shovel the snowmobile out himself, hence the price increase.

"I tell them it's totally serious, [it's] just that I can't dig it out."

Chippett said he planned to sell the snowmobile earlier in the season — he bought a new one for his son and doesn't have a need for the old one — but he didn't get a chance to take pictures before Appleton was hit with nearly 230 centimetres of snow.

The ad has been posted for four days, Chippett said, and he has gotten three inquires.

So far, no one has questioned buying a snowmobile without seeing a picture of it. 

Although Chippett said one man from his town seemed pretty interested in buying the machine, he is contemplating making the ad a little more clear.

"I think I may go in and edit the ad and say 'this is not a joke,'" he said.