With their cable suddenly cut off, Eastlink customers line up in Labrador

Jacob Barker/CBC

Some Eastlink customers in Happy Valley-Goose Bay had a rude awakening Wednesday when they turned on their TVs to find out their cable package had stopped working. 

"I didn't see it coming," said customer Calvin Adams. "Nobody told me about it.… They could have let people know."

Eastlink upgraded its service on Tuesday, as part of a $2 million dollar investment that it says will make current internet speed 20 times faster while also improving cable service.

However, older receivers can not handle the new service.  

The company said new receivers were mailed out while some were hand-delivered, although some customers did not get the new boxes before the upgrade happened.

Jacob Barker/CBC

"Last night when I went home I didn't have no TV [when] I went to watch the hockey game," Louise Parsons said. 

"Then I called them and they told me they were changing all the boxes." 

Small number of customers affected: Eastlink

While Eastlink says a small number of customers were affected, there were long lineups at the Masonic Lodge, where the company set up a temporary shop.

Jacob Barker/CBC

Some in the line said they had been waiting between 30 minutes and two hours for service. Some customers turned around and left once they learned how long the wait may be. 

"They should have made sure everybody had their equipment before the switch," customer Craig Bird said.

"They switched it over without warning … and no-one had their boxes. So everybody's up here now trying to get their boxes."

In a statement, Eastlink said it appreciates the patience of the customers who were affected and understands the change has been frustrating.

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