How to Make Cafe de Paris Butter - The Best Compound Butter Recipe

If you're looking for the best compound butter recipe, then you're in the right place! In this video, Uncle Matt demonstrates how to make Cafe de Paris butter, the perfect all-purpose butter. This recipe is easy to follow and will result in a butter that is creamy, deliciously scented, and perfect for cooking and baking. If you're interested in learning how to make compound butter, then this is the video for you! Check out my first Novel Cafe de Paris butter Unsalted butter 250g - 8.5 oz Shallot chopped 1 tbsp Curry powder 2 tbsp Garlic 2 cloves Tarragon 1 tsp Parsley 2 tsp Dill 2 tsp Chives 2 tsp Thyme 1 tsp Anchovies 1 tbsp Capers 1 tsp Cornichons 1 tsp Lemon zest and juice 1 Dijon mustard 1 tbsp Worcester sauce 1 tsp Brandy 1 tbsp Madeira 1 tbsp Ketchup 1 tbsp The only cooking involved is gently sweating the shallot with Madeira and flame with the brandy, let this cool before combining with the remaining ingredients. How to make cafe de Paris butter: a step-by-step tutorialHere's a little back story on Cafe de Paris. In 1930, Mr. Boubier, owner of the ‘Restaurant du Coq d'Or' in Geneva , invented an original butter- based sauce with the help of his daughter. The sauce included a mix of spices, herbs and other ingredients, which he served with Entrecôte steak to the delight of his customers.Although there have been many imitations of the concept, no one has been able to re-create the sauce exactly that Mr Boubier invented in Geneva in 1930. Since then, the recipe for this sauce has been a closely guarded secret. It was handed down from generation to generation and the owner of Entrecôte Café de Paris in Geneva, Mr. Vouillamoz, has been the current guardian of the recipe since 1989. Traditionally this butter "sauce" is served on beef or pork. However, many Swiss use it as a regular condiment for everyday items including potatoes.