Calder Council Notes

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Mayor Subkow called the regularly scheduled council meeting to order for the Village of Calder with all council members present.

The council reviewed the minutes and Mayor Subkow made a motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.

Moving on, the council then reviewed the agenda as amended; carried.

The council heard concerns from a village resident and discussed the situation with the resident.

Carrying on, the council reviewed the correspondence prior to Councillor Buzinski making a motion to file it; the motion carried

The council next reviewed the bank reconciliation report prior to Mayor Subkow making a motion for it to be passed; the motion carried.

Moving on, the council reviewed the village’s accounts. Administrator Brock explained to the council what to expect in the accounts for the village. Mayor Subkow made a motion to accept the accounts which was carried.

The council reviewed and signed the accounts payable prior to Mayor Subkow motioning to accept; motion carried.

Administrator Brock was next to give her report to the council as to what she has done for the last month for the Village of Calder.

Municipal Revenue Sharing was discussed under new business topics. The village meets all the criteria. Mayor Subkow made a motion to file the form for Municipals Revenue Sharing; motion carried.

With only one (1) tender for garbage pickup, Councillor Buzinski made a motion to accept the tender which was carried.

Summer student grants need to be filed prior to January 29, 2021. Councillor Spence made a motion to apply for a grant at a rate of $15 per hour for approximately 25-30 hours per week; motion carried.

The meeting was then adjourned by Mayor Subkow.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal