Calgary-based show Wynnona Earp auctioning off set pieces to fans

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Kevin King, owner of Hall's Auction Services, stands among some of the many set items that can be bid on from the TV show Wynnona Earp. (Terri Trembath/CBC - image credit)
Kevin King, owner of Hall's Auction Services, stands among some of the many set items that can be bid on from the TV show Wynnona Earp. (Terri Trembath/CBC - image credit)

Costumes, props and set pieces from the Calgary-based TV show Wynnona Earp will be up for grabs this weekend in an online auction run by Hall's Auction Services.

The show's production company, Seven24 Films, has selected more than 1,300 items from four seasons of the supernatural queer-positive western show for bidders to choose from.

Kevin King, who owns Hall's Auction Services, said the items have been getting interest from fans, known as "Earpers", from all around the world.

"It's an interesting project that we've taken on," said King. "It's probably one of the ones that has had the most international attention. We've had bidders register from Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Ireland, all kinds of countries.

"And the Americans are excited by it [too]. I think we've got registrants from 42 or 44 individual states now."

WATCH | Wynonna Earp fans can bid on these set pieces from the series at a Calgary auction:

Everything from the Earp homestead mailbox to a 1977 Camaro  is available to bidders, with starting bids going from $25 to upwards of $1,000 US.

There are even some more obscure items listed like a rubber potato and a rubber bedpan.

One of the hottest ticket items is a white Stetson hat worn by character Nicole Haught. Bidding for that item started at $100 US.

Terri Trembath/CBC
Terri Trembath/CBC

"I think it will be a virtual sell out. Seven24 Films is really allowing the collector market to determine what value [these items have]…they do want to get these items into the hands of collectors. They want to in some ways thank their fan base," he said.

"The collectors know this stuff better than I do ... we get inquiries all the time and and some of them are really quite touched that they have the opportunity to maybe take some of these things home with them."

It is not yet known whether the show will return for a fifth season. Set decorator Amber Humphries said it's the fans that fuelled the success of the first four seasons.

"The reason we even went on to seasons two, three and four were because of the fans. I'll be grateful for that because the show always had special meaning to me," she said.

Terri Trembath/CBC
Terri Trembath/CBC

Even though the show hasn't yet been renewed for a fifth season, on the auction's web page, Seven24 films wrote a message saying, "The producers of Wynonna Earp want to reassure Earpers that this auction of Hero Items in no way signals the end of the show.

"We are committed to telling more Wynonna Earp stories and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to put pieces of the show in the hands of passionate fans."

The auction is donating part of its proceeds to the Skipping Stone and Rainbow Road charities, which focus on helping LGBTQ+ people.

Humphries says the auction is a great way to share parts of the show with its dedicated fan base.

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