Calgary bestiality and sexual assault trial hears man had sex with bull, dead gopher

Calgary man pleads guilty in vicious knife attack on woman

A gopher, a bull and a calf are all animals an Alberta man is accused of using for sexual pleasure, according evidence heard in a Calgary courtroom Thursday as his bestiality and sexual assault trial got underway.

The man can not be named in order to protect his stepson who he is accused of sexually abusing. 

The witness, now 21-years-old, said he watched as his stepfather put his penis in the rectum of a bull on one occasion, when the family lived near Carsland.

The stepfather also cut open a gopher and wrapped it around his erect penis, according to the witness.

Second witness

A second witness who had been friends with the alleged victim testified that he also watched the accused cut open a gopher and spread it apart. He said the accused told him to put his penis inside the dead gopher but said he walked away instead.

In another incident, the accused brought his stepson to a barn on their property.

"He said 'if you put your dick in a cow's mouth, it has no teeth, it feels great,'" said the alleged victim.

The young man was clearly nervous, wringing his hands and hanging his head the entire time he testified from the witness box.

Sexual abuse

He also detailed incidents where his stepfather would sexually abuse him. In one circumstance, the witness said the two were in a truck and the stepfather insisted on playing a truth or dare game where the dares would ramp up from touching, to oral sex, to anal sex and he was told he had to make it through all the stages.

"I knew what the last dare was and I was holding out for the longest time," said the stepson.

"I felt like I was being forced to do it and I was alone," he said. "It was pretty scary."

Prosecutor Lori Chambers asked what scared him the most.

"Not listening to a parent, making someone mad," he responded.

Confided in father

The young man said he felt too embarrassed to tell his mother about the abuse but he eventually moved to B.C. to live with his father who he confided in. 

"'Cause he would fight for me, he would believe me."

At that point, the father encouraged his son to go to police. 

The mother was not in court to support her son. Only members of the Calgary Police victim assistance unit were in the gallery for the young man. 

During cross examination, defence lawyer Andrea Urquhart suggested the complainant made up the allegations. The witness said he was telling the truth.

Provincial court Judge Gord Wong will hear one more day of evidence next week.

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