Calgary cold case closed as gangster pleads guilty to role in killing

A Calgary drug dealer with affiliations to a notorious street gang has admitted his role in a cold-case killing that was solved, according to the Crown, thanks to "tremendous" efforts by RCMP investigators.

Kyle Andree, 31, pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact to murder for his role in the shooting death of Wayman Scott in November 2006. Scott who was killed because his associates — who were connected to the FOB gang — believed he was working with another drug supplier.

When Andree was first charged eight years after the 2006 fatal shooting, he was already in prison serving a sentence for killing a man three weeks after Scott's death. He has been behind bars for a decade. 

"Ten years of your life you've lost ... 10 years is a long time for a young fellow but you're also involved in two homicides," said Court of Queen's Bench Justice Earl Wilson to Andree.

Lesser sentence

Originally charged with manslaughter in addition to being an accessory, defence lawyers Alain Hepner and Kelsey Sitar worked out a plea deal for Andree with prosecutors Brian Holtby and Adam May that saw Wilson accept a three and a half year sentence for his plea to the lesser offence.

Andree and David Daviau —  who pleaded guilty in February to manslaughter for the killing and received a nine year sentence — were serving a sentence for manslaughter in 2014 when they were finally charged in Scott's death. 

"Credit is owed to them for not giving up," said Court of Queen's Bench Justice Earl Wilson of the RCMP investigators.

The fatal attack

The pair were in their early 20s in 2006 when they were mid-level cocaine traffickers in the city. The two friends were supplying Scott and Christopher Roberto. 

On the night of Nov. 25, 2006, Andree, Daviau and Roberto were partying together when the trio became convinced Scott was associating with a competitor.

They devised a plan to lure Scott to Davio's apartment to confront him and force him into give up the name of his other supplier.

When Scott arrived the next day, the group didn't give him a chance to speak before attacking; hitting Scott with a flashlight, punching him and finally shooting him.

"Scott was unarmed and was quickly dominated," said Holtby when reading the facts of the crime aloud in court on Wednesday.

'I could feel my legs crumbling'

The victim died almost instantly and the others fled the scene. 

Andree and Davio returned the next day to clean the apartment and dispose of the body, found near a pile of brush in Conrich, Alta. four days later.

Holtby read a victim impact statement written by Scott's mother Lora Lee Bradley who lives in Ontario and was going to school to be a therapist for drug addicted men and women at the time of her son's death.

"At the moment I heard that, my life would never be the same," wrote Bradley. "I could feel my legs crumbling ... I died at that moment."

'Call the cops or say nothing' 

When given the chance to address the court, Andree said he knows he had two choices the night Scott was killed but felt he really only had one option.

"I call the cops or I just say nothing, so I just said nothing," he said. "It's just dumb, I can't take it back, I'm sorry."
Andree also offered an apology to his victim's family. 

Andree will serve eight months after credit for the time he's served since his manslaughter sentence expired. 

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